Team Solutions - Collaborate, Communicate, Connect!


*What people say about their management retreat: “the result was exactly what we needed!”


We are always the verge of what’s coming next …

     Your business or organization relies on People to thrive and succeed through each next wave of change. People hold the essential ideas, information, experience, vision, energy, intuition, skills, intellect and common sense that can make it all happen. But getting people to work and connect as a Team is not always easy. Why?

·   Teams and meetings often lack focus and fail to get results

·   People get stuck in their sites, silos and view points

·   Groups lack good tools for solid collaboration and decision making

·   Communication is woefully inadequate

     Vergent Consulting, led by Karen Buehler, CPF, specializes in team solutions. We enable leaders, managers, teams and stakeholders to create successful futures for their organizations. We advise, facilitate, coach and inspire them to work and connect as a team.

    Vergent Consulting Services

v     Organizational Communication – Imagine groups that really work as a team and proactively influence organizational change. The number one key is communication. The old top-down, hold information close, words-only style communication doesn’t work. People can and must be outstanding connectors within their teams, and credible change leaders in their larger organization

     Team Collaboration / Meeting Design
– Well designed management retreats & meetings lead to sound planning, problem solving, innovative solutions and decision making with effective use of time and talents. They are worth their cost!

v     Group Facilitation – Professional facilitators engage people before, during and after meetings and workshops to stay on track for results, create un-boxed solutions & engage diversity. They manage dysfunctional behavior and build trust and commitment in a group.

    Why Vergent Consulting?

·   Effective results driven meetings and projects focus on success as you (not we) define it;

·   Creative solutions emerge from leaders and teams that collaborate dynamically;

·   Energy flows from open communication and shared accountability.  

“A small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

- Margaret Mead, America’s “first anthropologist”


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